nurses can - nurses campaign activity night october 17, 2012

Join us on October 17th for ANA’s annual Nurses Campaign Activity Night (CAN!) [#NursesVOTE]

What is it about? Nurses CAN! is ONE day dedicated to nurses’ hitting the campaign trail. It’s your chance to get involved in the political campaign of YOUR choice alongside other nurses across the country.

Nurses CAN! is about nurses getting involved and having their voices heard – the party & race you choose to support is up to YOU. Whether Democrat, Republican, Independent or other, a friend of nursing, is a friend no matter what party.

Where does it take place? Nurses CAN! is designed as a “virtual” event . Participate in any political activity that interests you, such as canvassing, phone banking, or hosting a fundraiser. Choose to support a Congressional race, a Gubernatorial race or a state or local race. Follow the nationwide activity on and Instagram using #NursesVOTE.

Why is it important? Volunteering on a political campaign provides access to the candidates and allows nurses like you to begin building the critical relationships that will help advance some of nursing’s core issues.

What’s next? Sign up to be a part of the nationwide Nurses CAN! virtual event. Once you’ve signed up, we can help you find a local campaign activity, connect with others in your region & invite friends and family to join you.

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