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Putting Our Money Where Our Back Is

A successful SPHM program has the potential to increase patient safety; and decrease staff injuries, while increasing nurse retention, recruitment and retention. In a study published in The Journal of Healthcare Risk Management (vol. 30 no. 4) in a worst-case scenario a SPHM program will still add $2 million in value over a 5 year period. In a best-case scenario, the value added could be as high as $10 or $12 million.

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A Visit to Kansas

Seven hundred nurses and student nurses assembled for the Kansas State Nurses Association’s (KSNA) annual Day at the Legislature in Topeka on January 30th. The theme this year was Leadership Nursing: Influencing Healthcare Policy, supported by current and former legislators, the Kansas Insurance Commissioner, KSNA’s nurse lobbyist, and a nurse panel from a variety of backgrounds and settings, who discussed the future of healthcare.  Janet Haebler MSN, RN, Associate Director, State Government Affairs served as the key note speaker. Janet discussed legislative trends in nursing across the country with attention to the challenges in advancing desired initiatives and stopping those negatives impacting patients and the profession. Particular attention was given throughout as to what individuals can do to influence policy, in spite of busy lives; vote. 

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