"Nurses need to not be getting hurt, and working injured. If safe care is required for the patient, safe care should be in place for the nurses."
– Suzanne, Dix Hills

"[Overhead lift devices] saved money in the long run, compared to the cost of one permanently injured staff member, or possible injury to a patient. I have seen what proper equipment can do, and am dumbfounded that such equipment is not required in every health care facility."
– Lexa, San Jose

"I love patient care and have fully dedicated my life to my profession. Being told that my passion was over was a heavy blow."
– Gary, El Cajon

We've heard from nurses across the country, and one thing is abundantly clear: we need safer policies for nurses who handle patients. Too many RNs' careers have ended too early because of unnecessary injury or preventable daily wear and tear of the profession.

Safe Patient Handling and Mobility (SPHM) legislation would create programs that would lead to fewer injured nurses, better nurse retention, and healthier patients. We are still working every day to get a SPHM bill introduced in Congress, and every person you share this information with helps to put the momentum our side.

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