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ANA Government Affairs Launches New Program in October

Nursing education and practice is grounded in principles of advocacy. Nurses pride themselves on their commitment to actions taken that are in the best interest of their patients.  However, advocating for policy change is often unfamiliar. ANA and its’ constituent member associations (CMA) recognize that key to affecting policy change for the profession and patient care is in the development of political competence in nurse members.  ANA is pleased to announce the launching of the first American Nurses Advocacy Institute in October 2009, designed to prepare a cadre of nurses able to advance the state nurses associations and ANA’s legislative and regulatory agendas.

The American Nurses Advocacy Institute is a unique opportunity for individuals who are new to the world of political advocacy or who would like to strengthen their competence in the political arena. Sessions will consist of topics such as Conducting a political environmental scan; Politics 101  -  "How a Bill Doesn't Become a Law";  Effective message development; Message delivery, including media training;  Networking and coalition building; and will include visits to members of Congress. What will make ANA’s Institute unique to similar programs is that participants will be charged with developing an action plan related to an issue of concern to their state nurses association and receive a year long ANA guided mentorship to support execution of the plan and growth of the graduate.

The Institute is open to CMA staff and members with an endorsement from CMA leadership.  For questions, contact Janet Haebler, Associate Director, ANA State Government Affairs: (301) 628-5111 or 

Janet Haebler,  MSN, RN

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