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ANA-PAC is fighting to make sure the nursing community is heard in the halls of Congress, and to shape policy that will directly impact healthcare providers and patients. The financial support from our members helps us better advocate for nurses across America.

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What is ANA-PAC?
The American Nurses Association Political Action Committee, ANA-PAC, was established to promote the improvement of the healthcare system in the United States by raising funds from ANA members and contributing to support worthy candidates for federal office who have demonstrated their belief in the legislative and regulatory agenda of the American Nurses Association.

For more details about ANA-PAC, please visit our members page.

Does ANA-PAC endorse both Democrats and Republicans?
Yes. ANA-PAC is bi-partisan and works directly with both national parties to recruit and support candidates.

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Who can contribute to ANA-PAC?
Pursuant to federal election law, ANA-PAC can only solicit funds from ANA members, their families, and employees of ANA. ANA-PAC cannot accept corporate contributions.

How are contributions to ANA-PAC used?
Contributions to ANA-PAC are used to support candidates for federal office. Under federal election law the amounts that may be contributed are limited. Steps must be taken to ensure that contributions to ANA-PAC are strictly voluntary and without coercion. ANA-PAC Board of Trustees members, in partnership with the C/SNAs, decide which federal candidates merit consideration for endorsement. For more information about the endorsement process, please click here.

Who serves on the ANA-PAC Board of Trustees?
The ANA-PAC Board of Trustees page lists the current members.

How do I get on the ANA-PAC Board of Trustees?
Members of the ANA-PAC Board of Trustees are appointed by the ANA Board of Directors based on the recommendation of the board’s Committee on Appointments (COA). Individual ANA members may nominate themselves for appointment by submitting a nomination during the annual Call for Nominations for Appointed Positions (open in 2016 from April 1 through June 27).

Since all trustee terms are aligned with the Federal election cycle, nominations for the ANA-PAC are accepted in even years only. For more information about the appointments process, please visit the Committee on Appointments web page.

Minimum criteria for service on the ANA-PAC Board of Trustees include:

  • Being an active member of a C/SNA/ANA or an IMD member and a registered voter
  • Demonstrating interest in political activities, evidenced by involvement with the political action committee of a C/SNA-PAC and/or experience in political campaigns and/or political fundraising
  • Having the ability to give or get a minimum of $1,000 per calendar year for fundraising
  • Having familiarity with the N-STAT Leadership Team
  • Having experience with lobbying at the local, state, or national level
  • Having a pattern of consistent contribution to the ANA-PAC

Please contact if you have any questions about nominations.

What is the Leadership Society?
The ANA-PAC Leadership Society page provides information about the Leadership Society, the current members and the qualifications for becoming a member.

For additional information on the activities of ANA-PAC please contact:

8515 Georgia Avenue, Suite 400
Silver Spring, MD 20910

Contributions to ANA-PAC are not deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes. Contributions to ANA-PAC are voluntary and used for political purposes. Contributions to ANA-PAC will be used in connection with federal elections and are subject to the prohibitions and limitations of the Federal Election Campaign Act. Any guidelines for contributing are merely suggestions and you may contribute more or less than the guidelines suggest or nothing at all. The Association will not favor or disadvantage anyone by reason of the amount of their contribution, or their decision not to contribute. You may refuse to contribute without reprisal. ANA-PAC only accepts money from eligible ANA members. Non-eligible donations will not be accepted. Federal law requires ANA-PAC to request and report the name, address, occupation and employer for each person whose contributions exceed two hundred dollars ($200.00) or more in a calendar year.