Make your call before today's vote


Friend – House leaders are putting everything on the table for today's vote – they're even willing to throw out essential health benefits. And the vote could start any minute.

Nurses need to sound the alarm and CALL 202-224-3121 right now. Make your call, and then click here to confirm you call was completed.


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Tomorrow, the House of Representatives is voting on the new health care bill – and they need to hear from you!

They didn't listen to us before. But they're going to listen now. Before the vote, can you make a call right now to fight for the 24 million at risk of losing coverage?

Dial 202-224-3121 and follow the prompts to be connected to your representative's office. Your call will take only a minute, and with the vote imminent, this is the best way that you can make an impact.

House offices will open at 9am Eastern – and we need to flood their phone lines. Call as soon as you can.

When you're connected, provide your name and city. Tell them you're a nurse, and explain why you want your representative to vote against the new health care bill. Here are some talking points to help:
  • My patients need coverage they can count on, and this bill could take away coverage from as many as 24 million Americans.
  • I am deeply concerned that Republican leaders refused to hold a public hearing on this bill, and are rushing it to a vote.
  • A vote supporting this disastrous bill is a vote AGAINST nurses like me and the patients I care for, whose coverage will be threatened by this bill.
Once you're done, let us know you've made your call so we can keep track of which representatives are hearing from nurses and hold them accountable.

Yes, I called my representative's office and spoke with a staffer.

Yes, I called my representative's office and left a voicemail.

Thank you for standing up for the 24 million,

Michelle Artz
Director, Government Affairs
American Nurses Association

PS. This is an all-hands-on-deck moment. After you make your call, please forward this email to five of your friends and family so they'll know how to take action as well.
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